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    15 July 2015

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    Yuan Longping

    Yuan Longping, known as the"father of hybrid rice", has helped China work a great wonder -- feeding nearly one-fifth of the world's population with less than 9 percent of the world's total land.

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    Xiang Yanmei

    Xiang Yanmei, a weightlifter born in Xiangxi, Hunan, won the women's 69kg weightlifting gold in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

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    Cao Yuan

    Cao Yuan, born on 7 February 1995 in Changsha, Hunan, is a Chinese diver and an Olympic gold medalist. He won the gold in mens' 3m springboard at 2016 Rio Games.

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    Long Qingquan

    Long Qingquan, born December 3, 1990 in Longshan, Xiangxi, Hunan, is a male Chinese weightlifter.

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    Sun Wenyan

    Sun Wenyan, born on 27 December 1989 in Changsha, Hunan, is a Chinese competitor in synchronized swimming and an Olympic medalist.

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    Yi Siling

    Yi Siling, born May 6, 1989 in Guiyang County, Hunan, is a Chinese female shooter.

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    Dong Bin

    Dong Bin, born on 22 November 1988 in Hengyang, Hunan, is a Chinese track and field athlete who specialises in the triple jump.

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    Bao Chunlai

    Bao Chunlai, a male, left-handed badminton player, has ranked among the world's leading singles player during the first decade of the 21st century.

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