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    15 July 2015

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    List Hunan's National Intangible Cultural Heritage Items (2019)

    As of the end of 2019, Hunan has 118 national intangible cultural heritage items.

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    Diversified Art Forms in Hunan

    There are 19 kinds of Chinese local operas and nearly 100 performance art troupes in Hunan. Of course, the most influential is the Flower Drum Opera. Other art forms like music, dancing, painting, cal...

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    [Physical Culture] Meishan Martial Art

    Meishan Martial Art is a fighting style that has developed in Hunan for centuries. It was featured with its military functions and fighting-fit techniques to suit rough natural environment and frequen...

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    [Dance] "Zong Bao Nao" Sacrificial Dance

    "Zong Bao Nao", an ancient sacrificial dance of Yao people, was originated about one thousand years ago.

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    [Music] Liuyang Ancient Music for Confucius Memorial Ceremony

    Created in over a hundred years ago, Liuyang Ancient Music for Confucius memorial ceremony was originally played at the Dacheng Hall of Confucius Temple in Liuyang.

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    [Dance] Jielong Dance

    Jielong Dance enjoys wide popularity in Huayuan County, western Hunan. It originates from the sacrificial custom passed down from generation to generation of Miao ethnic group, who regards Dragons as ...

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    [Dance] Xiangxi Three-stick Drum

    Xiangxi Three-stick Drum, a local folk art form, prevails in Longshan and Laifeng County at the juncture of Hunan and Hubei province. Performers toss three drumsticks embedded with copper coins to bea...

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    [Craftsmanship] Chisel Paper-cut at Tahu

    Chisel Paper-cut is a folk handcraft inherited from Tahu Village of Luxi County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. It originally aimed to provide model for Miao embroidery.

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    [Custom] Shefan in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture

    The She Dinner is always held by people in west Hunan on the afternoon of Chunshe (the fifth Wu day after the Beginning of Spring, the lst solar term). This day, men repair spring ploughing tools at h...

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    [Literature] The Miao Minority’s Songs

    Wuling area, junction between east and west of China, is a piece of fertile land which breeds folk art.

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