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    15 July 2015

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    Shaoyang City

    Total area: 21,000km2
    Population: 7.3024 million (2019)
    Major industrial products: Machinery, smelting, pharmaceuticals, light industry
    Major agricultural products: Grain, livestock, dairy, traditional Chinese medicines
    Major mines: Plaster, tungsten, lead-zinc, antimony, gold, silver
    Total length of railways: 110 km
    Total length of roads: 22,585 km (2019)
    GDP: 215.248 billion CNY (2019)
    Sum of exports: 3.667 billion USD (2019)
    Sum of imports: 90 million USD (2019)
    Inbound tourists: 81,000 (2019)
    Per capita disposable income: 19, 821 CNY (2019)
    Forest coverage: 60.95% (2019)

    Data Source: tjj.hunan.gov.cn

    Shaoyang, the gateway of the southwest, situated in the center of Hunan province, consists of seven counties (Xinshao, Shaoyang, Longhui, Dongkou, Xinning, Suining, Chengbu Miao Nationality Autonomous), two county-level cities (Wugang and Shaodong Cities) and three urban districts(Shuangqing, Daxiang, Beita),with an area of 20,876 square kilometers ranking the second in Hunan and with a population of more than 7.3 million ranking the first in Hunan. It has always been the important city of Hunan for 2500 years.

    Generation over generation well-known in the world come from Shaoyang: Hu Zheng, a poet in the Tang Dynasty, who is famous for his history poem; the Ches with outstanding talents; Weiyuan, known for his "Boycott the foreign invasion by learning their advantage" and Caie, a renowned Chinese general.

    The transportation in Shaoyang is very convenient. Shanghai-Ruili Expressway Xiangtan-Shaoyang part has put into service. The Luoyang-Zhanjiang Railway line Shaoyang part connecting the Loudi-Shaoyang Railway line can reach everywhere in the country.

    There is lots of picturesque scenery all over Shaoyang: Mount Nanshan with vast green hills, grassland and clear water is lauded by Taoyuanming, a renowned Chinese poet. Mount Langshan has a wide variety of stones and peaks, strange shapes and different sizes. As the saying goes:"Xinning's strange peaks are equal in fame to the Wuling's". Mount Yunshan attracting visitors for it's mysterious fairyland and a scenic spot of religion is one of the 72 national places of perfect happiness, in addition, Huangsuang with a well-kept primeval forest and rare birds and animals being well worth visiting as well.

    Shaoyang has a vast area and rich resources, The reserves of gypsum, iron, tungsten and etc.stand the first in Hunan, Xuefeng mandarin orange was named by the premier Zhou Enlai.Wugang tong goose, Longhui chili, garlic, ginger, Xinning navel orange, Shaodong day lilies have long been famous. Mount Nanshan is the widest pasture in south China.Suining is called only one of an unpolluted oasis on the earth.

    Shaoyang once was major industry city in China. After tens years effort, it has evolved a complete industrial system such as machinery, textile, chemicals, medicines, building materials, paper industry, food processing and etc. Since the reform and opening-up to the outside world, transportation, telecommunication, energy resource, infrastructure have been further strengthened and the social and economic order have been improved obviously.

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    ? Wyong, Australia