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    15 July 2015

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    Employment Permit for Foreigners

    Basis: Administration of Foreigners Working in China Provisions(Promulgated by the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, on 22 January 1996.)


    In order to obtain employment in China, a foreigner must satisfy the following conditions:
    1. be 18 years of age or above and in good health;  
    2. have the expertise and relevant work experience required for their work;  
    3. have no criminal record;  
    4. have a confirmed hiring unit;
    and 5. have a valid passport or other international travel documents which can be used instead of a passport.


    Application Materials
    1. evidence of the education and work experience of the proposed foreign employee;
    2. a letter of intent to hire;
    3. a report on the reason for proposing to hire a foreigner;
    4. evidence of the qualifications of the proposed foreign employee to engage in such work;
    5. evidence of the state of health of the proposed foreign employee;
    and 6. other documents specified in laws and regulations.


    Chinese source: hunan.gov.cn